In order to fetch the highest price for your property, you must make sure the following are done:

Improve your curb appeal – in order to impress potential buyers, you need to start from the exterior of the property. Putting down fresh grass, replacing old bushes with new ones, trimming hedges and adding some flower beds are good ways to start. Then you turn your attention to the entryway, whether it is by buying a new front door or painting the old one. Additionally, if your house number and mailbox looks old, you consider replacing them with new ones.

Change out plumbing fixtures – consider replacing your old bathroom and kitchen faucets, this will give your property a modern touch for a minimal investment.

Do partial renovations – there might be areas in your home which you feel needs a total makeover, however, you neither have the time or the money to make that happen. Doing partial renovations can have similar impact as well, for example rather than replacing kitchen cabinets, you may change the handles or the alternative to a total renovation of a washroom, might be getting a new vanity.

Paint – if you feel that the paint needs refreshing or any of the rooms are painted in non-neutral colors then it is worthwhile to put in a fresh coat of paint.

Replace worn broadloom – one of biggest turnoffs for potential buyers is dirty broadloom. Either replace with new one or remove the carpet totally if there are hardwood floors underneath.

Make space – in order for the buyer to have real sense of the space and to envision themselves living in your property, you need to put away most of things which you are regularly using.

Clean meticulously – this final one is obviously a no-brainer. You must do an extensive cleaning of your property before putting it on the market and before each showing.