There is no magic formula for deciding when to sell your property. It could be that you have got equity on your side or maybe your home no longer fits your lifestyle or any number of other reasons. Whichever is the case, timing is of critical importance. Although the GTA market is favourable to all seasons, but properties tend to sell faster during the spring and summer months as families want to be settled before the new school year begins in fall. However, the winter may actually be a better option as there is less competition from other sellers.

One of the critical questions to consider is whether to buy or sell first. The most realistic approach regarding the buy/sell combo can be achieved by knowing your tolerance level towards living with uncertainty. If you cannot tolerate uncertainty, then it may be better to sell first. This way you know your closing/moving date and the amount of money you can use for the next purchase. On the other hand, if you are able to comfortably manage some uncertainty, then you can opt to buy first. Although, this potentially means the risk of holding two properties at the same time and taking a lower offer for your own property.

Once you decide the right approach towards the buy/sell process, you need to get your property ready for sell. Before anything, you need to complete small or large repairs, declutter and repaint (if needed).